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COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Pandemic and Education Abroad

The University of Dayton is continually monitoring the COVID-19 Pandemic and its impact on travel, including education abroad. Currently (as of 10.21.21), domestic travel can proceed. UD has also lifted the blanket suspension on international travel that was originally implemented in March 2020 and reverted back to assessing high risk travel on a case by case basis. Right now, most international travel is still considered high risk and is suspended. The most current information regarding travel guidelines for UD can be found on the Path Forward page.

COVID-19 Vaccination and Travel

Students who are fully vaccinated should upload their proof of vaccination through UD’s COVID Health Reporting portal. This is the only source of information we will use to verify who is vaccinated if a program requires it, or if we need to know such vaccination status for the purposes of determining quarantine and/or isolation protocols. Thus it is critically important for you to upload your vaccination card.

The COVID-19 Vaccination is required for international travel for all students, faculty, and staff. More details on this requirement, as well as the process for requesting an exemption can be found on the UD Path Forward page.

While the COVID-19 Vaccination is not required for participation in domestic travel programs as a whole, the University of Dayton recommends that all members of its community receive the COVID-19 vaccination. When traveling, vaccination ensures that you are doing your part to consider the health of the communities you will visit, and helps model concern for the global common good. Though UD does not require vaccination to participate in domestic travel programs, vaccination is the best way to ensure your fullest participation and full learning experience. There is a great deal of variety between organizations and some states in regards to vaccination requirements, thus some domestic programs may require the COVID-19 vaccination. Students are responsible for knowing the requirements of any program in which they plan to participate and for understanding that not being vaccinated may limit their ability to fully participate in a program and may carry with it certain financial penalties.