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As a Catholic, Marianist institution, the University of Dayton educates the whole person through experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Education abroad helps you become a global citizen and engage in meaningful ways with people across cultures.

Internships Internships: Gain hands-on work experience in a cross-cultural environment for a semester or during summer break.
Summer & Winter Break Courses
Summer & Winter Break Courses: Travel with UD faculty and students during winter or summer break.
Semester-long Programs                                                           
Semester-Long Programs: Enroll at a university abroad for a semester or an entire year.
Integrated Learning Programs   
Integrated Learning Programs: Take a semester course at UD then travel during break with your professor and classmates.
Cross-Cultural Experiences   
Cross-Cultural Experiences: Engage in cross-cultural learning and reflection during winter, spring, or summer break.
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