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Students of all religions and faiths are welcome in education abroad. Intercultural learning may be an opportunity for spiritual growth and exploration, it may provide the opportunity to share in a common religion in another country, or it may be an opportunity to witness diversity in different spiritual practices. Acceptance and ability for religious practice are just a couple of things to consider when going abroad.
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Questions to Consider:
  • What are the dominate religions and/or spiritual practices in my host country?
  • How do people in the host culture view other religions?
  • Is my religion legal and practiced in my host country? Do I have any concerns about my religion?
  • Do I plan to practice my religion or spiritual practice in the host country? How might I practice it?
  • Are there resources or organizations for my religion or spiritual practice in my host country?

Questions generated by the NC State Study Abroad Office 
External Resources
Below are resources to help you better understand how your identity may impact your experience abroad.

U.S. Department of State's International Religious Freedom Reports
U.S. Department of State's Faith-Based Travelers 
Religious Diversity Abroad (Diversity Abroad)

On-Campus Support
Identity work can be difficult, yet rewarding. However, you do not have to go through this process alone. There are offices on campuses available to support you! If you would like to talk through the "Questions to Consider" or other concerns you may have related to this topic, you can reach out to the offices below.

Campus Ministry