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Faculty-Led Program Costs

22-23 Faculty-Led Program Costs: We encourage students to meet with their academic advisor to discuss course options. Students should also meet with Flyer Student Services to discuss program costs and financial aid options. We encourage students to share this information with anyone who helps them fund their education. To chat with our Education Abroad advisors, click "Advising" on the left navigation menu. You can check out our Scholarship options, as well. To find cost information for our other programs, please visit "Programs," click on the program of interest, and then follow the link to the budget sheet.
Program (click the link for details) + Billable Cost* Term
Spring Break in the Maya World (CAP-focused Mexico)  ($2,300) Spring Break (with Spring semester course)                                            
Engineering in Costa Rica (First Years Only)  ($2,300) Spring Break (with Spring semester course)
Senior Global Citizenship (Seniors Only)  ($2,300) Spring Break (with Spring semester course)
International Medical Experience ($2,300) Spring Break (with Spring semester course)
CAP-focused in South Korea ($3,800) Summer (with Spring semester course)
History in Ghana ($3,100) Summer (with Spring semester course)
Religion and Film in Italy ($3,100) Summer (with Spring semester course)
CAP-focused in Chile: Human Rights and Sustainability ($9,440) Summer I
CAP-focused in London: Humanities ($8,180) Summer I
Communication in Spain and Morocco ($10,640) Summer I
Spanish Language Immersion in Peru ($6,520) Summer I
Engineering in Florence ($10,640) Summer I
Business in Japan ($8,180) Summer I
Business in Spain with Internship ($10,940) Summer I and II
Business in Rome ($10,640) Summer II
Business and Sports in Ireland ($10,505) Summer II
CAP-focused in Spain ($10,640) Summer II
Teacher Education in Ireland ($10,640) Summer II
Psychology in Ireland ($10,640) Summer II
If you would like a printable copy of our Spring Break and Summer Education Abroad and Away Programs, download our flyer:
FLP 22-23 Short Term Education Abroad and Away Programs.pdf

* Billable Program Costs represents the amount that will be billed through student accounts if a student enrolls in the minimum number of credit hours. The cost will increase if a student enrolls in more than the minimum number of credit hours. Please refer to the full cost breakdown on the program page for details regarding inclusions and additional expenses.