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Peer Advisors

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You may email to ask questions to a specific Peer Advisor, or just stop in the office during their work hours and speak to them in person.

Peer Advisors
Please take note of the various experiences and availability of our talented student staff.

Drew Balla

Semester Abroad at Maynooth University, Ireland (Fall 2019)

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year: Senior

In-Person Office Hours:

Tues 8:30-10:30/2:30- 4:30
Wed 1:00- 3:00
Fri    12:30- 2:30

  image of Judy Judy Jutras


Third-Party Provider, CIEE Block Program: Italy & Denmark (Spring 2022) 
Sustainability in Southern India (Winter 2020)

Major: International Business Management
Minor: International Studies
Year: Senior

In-Person Office Hours:

Mon    10:30-1:00
Wed    10:30-1:00
Thurs    8:30-11:30
Grace Grace Kennedy

Faculty-led Communication in Prague (Summer 2022)

Major: Communication with a concentration in public relations
Minor: Marketing
Year: Senior

In-Person Office Hours:

Tues    10:30-2:30
Thurs   11:30-1:00
Fri          2:30-4:30
Monica Monica Chauca


Faculty-led History in Spain

Major: Intervention Specialist
Minor: English
Year: Junior

In-Person Office Hours:

Mon    8:30-10:30
Wed    8:30-10:30
Fri       8:30-12:30

WA Andrew Watt Andrew Watt


Faculty-led Engineering in England (Summer 2022)

Major: Electrical Engineering
Year:  Sophomore

In-Person Office Hours:

Mon     1:30-4:30
Wed     2:30-4:30
Thurs   1:00-4:30