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  • Locations: Barcelona, Spain
  • Program Terms: Summer
  • Costs (Click term to view): Summer
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.
Fact Sheet:
Program Type:
Faculty-led Language of instruction: English
Minimum GPA: 2.8 Class Eligibility: 02 Sophomore, 03 Junior, 04 Senior
Non-UD Students:
Yes Language coursework offered: No
Field of study: Social Sciences Program Advisor: Erin Gahimer
Academic Level:
Max credit hours:
Program Description:

Psychology in Spain

About the Program

This program brings together UD and Skidmore College students to study in one of the most unique, exciting, and beautiful cities in the world. From the world-famous architecture of Gaudí and the iconic La Sagrada Familia church to the concentration of World Heritage Sites, neighborhoods, parks, and beaches, students will experience first-hand the unsurpassable beauty and history that Barcelona has to offer. The summer 2017 study abroad program offers three courses exploring the city both as a place and as an experiential laboratory. This integrated program examines how Spanish and Catalan culture affects health and well-being, self-identity formation, and relationship development. Each course draws heavily on the local resources of this culturally diverse city. Field excursions to some of the iconic locales of Barcelona—including Casa Mila, Casa Batlló, La Rambla, and the Miró and Picasso museums—will not only integrate knowledge from the courses with Spanish life, but will challenge students to examine cross-cultural customs and norms. The program is designed to build a learning community in which students can freely explore ideas and rely on one another as they navigate their travels abroad.

Psychology Abroad, Summer 2015, UD Student Participant:
"I loved all of it! I could not have asked for a better experience abroad and the addition of Skidmore was amazing! I've met friends that will last a lifetime, had experiences I never thought I would and have grown so much as a person!"

Barcelona - City

Curricular Options

All programs and courses listed are tentative and subject to change, depending on student interest. Students may earn up to 10 credit hours per session and must take at least 7 credit hours per session. Students are encouraged to consult their academic advisor regarding eligibility for courses, pre-reqs, etc. More information regarding courses can be found in the University Bulletin.

PSY 344: Interpersonal Relationships (3 credits)
The Interpersonal Relationships course will focus on the biological, social, and psychological processes associated with relationship formation and development. This course will investigate cultural differences between American and Spanish cultures, particularly as they relate to marriage and divorce, nonverbal behavior, the emphasis on a formal dating stage before marriage, the importance of "true love," and interpersonal attraction. The course provides a fertile foundation to apply course content to Barcelona and Spanish culture, more generally. Observational and interactive experiences outside of the classroom will be vital to the students’ understanding of the role of culture in relationship development. Prerequisite(s): PSY 101.

PSY 363: Abnormal Psychology (3 credits)
This course will cover the etiology, assessment, and treatment of mental disorders. Particular attention will be paid to how mental health care delivery in Spain differs from the United States. We will also examine how psychological disturbance is portrayed through art in local museums. Prerequisite(s): PSY 101.

PSY 495: Special Topics: Self and Identity (3 credits)
This course presents a vibrant, dynamic portrait of the self. By self-identity, we mean our subjective understanding of what’s meaningful in our lives, which develops over time. We construct a self-identity, reconstruct it over time, and co-construct it within a social ecology of other individuals, groups, and culture. While subjective, our self-identity has objective effects on ourselves and others. The course emphasizes how we construct a self-identity in our life story by drawing on cultural master narratives of a good life that we find in literature, film, religion, political discourse, education, advertising, and beyond. Barcelona offers an extraordinary opportunity to study the interplay of self and culture, contrasting with American life in intriguing ways, such as different understandings of time, aesthetics, and socializing. Such differences can affect how we view what’s meaningful in life, how we view ourselves in relation to others, how we plan our lives, and how we view our “true self.” Prerequisite(s): PSY 101.

UDI 310: MAXIE Experience (1 Credit; required)
This courses aims to utilize the city as the classroom where students can make sense of their experience through interactive discussion, group activities, and independent journaling. Through reflection, students internalize their study abroad experience and may undergo changes impacting attitudes and actions in their home country and at UD.  Graded minicourse required of all student participants.


Dr. R. Matthew Montoya, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology (Site Coordinator)
Dr. Jack Bauer, Professor, Department of Psychology
Dr. Mark Rye, Professor, Department of Psychology, Skidmore College


Students must be 18 years of age and older and eligible to take courses for credit at the University of Dayton. Participants in the program must have a minimum GPA of 2.8. Students in good academic standing with a GPA below 2.8 may petition the Center for International Programs for consideration. Students must also be in good disciplinary standing.

Pre-Departure Orientation

For all University of Dayton summer programs, pre-departure orientations play a critical role in making a study abroad a valuable learning experience.  All students accepted to participate in University of Dayton’s summer programs are required to take the pre-departure course, UDI 220: MAXIE - Prepare (Maximizing your International Experience). This course helps students develop intercultural communication and sensitivity skills and techniques that can be used in any context, as well as learn site-specific strategies to be employed in-country. Students will be given time to clarify academic and personal goals prior to departure. UDI 220 is a required class for your education abroad experience. It is divided into two parts: the first part involves meeting as a group during the semester prior to departure (5 class meetings plus 2 sessions on concepts of culture and health and safety abroad); the second part includes meeting upon returning to campus in the semester following the in-country experience (two class meetings).

The schedule for your UDI 220 class is as follows:
Thursdays, 4:00-5:30pm
St. Joe's 221
Section Number: UDI 220 – MJ
Classes begin the week of March 6, 2017 and last until the end of the semester.

Once students have changed their status to “committed” in the application system, they should register for UDI 220 via Porches by searching Spring 2017, Mini-Courses (as the Department), selecting UDI 220, and finding the correct section number.

Cost and Refund Policy

Please click here specific cost information and the refund policy for this program.

Additional Information

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Psychology Abroad, Summer 2015, UD Student Participant:
"Studying abroad develops ones emotional stability, fosters open mindedness, as well as puts people in fast acting problem solving situations especially when you do not speak the same language. The experiences and perspective gained from studying abroad is not something you can get through any other type of experience."

Barcelona, Spain

This program is currently not accepting applications.