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Faculty-Led Program Costs

Summer 2018 Faculty-Led Program Costs

Below is a list of our Summer 2018 Undergraduate Faculty-Led Programs that are managed by the Office of Education Abroad in the Center for International Programs. We encourage students to meet with their academic advisor to discuss course options. Students should also meet with Flyer Student Services to discuss program costs and financial aid options. We encourage students to share this information with anyone who helps them fund their education. To chat with our Education Abroad staff regarding any of these programs, as well as our Scholarship options, please email or stop by our office in Rike Center 208. To find cost information for our other programs, please visit "Programs," click on the program of interest, and then follow the link to the budget sheet.

Program (click the link for more details) Link to Flyer Billable
Program Cost*
 CAP-focused in Ireland (Belfast and Dublin): Peoples and Places  CAP-focused in Ireland_2018.pdf $11,025
CAP-focused in Mexico (January 2019)   $1,200
 CAP-focused in China: Visual Culture and Film  Visual Culture in China_2018.pdf $4,675
 CAP-focused in Russia: Tsars and Commissars  St. Petersburg, Russia_2018.pdf $3,300
 Business and History in Chile (Santiago and Concepcion)  Business and History in Chile_2018.pdf $6,350
 Business in Spain & Portugal (Multi-city)  Business in Spain and Portugal_2018.pdf $11,775
 Business in Rome  Business in Rome_2018.pdf $11,775
 Business in UK & Ireland (London & Dublin)  Business in UK-Ireland_2018.pdf $12,245
 Business in Germany (Augsburg, with Berlin, Prague, Vienna)  Business in Germany_2018.pdf $11,775
 Teacher Education in Florence  Teacher Ed Florence_2018.pdf $11,025
 Health and Sports Science in Spain & Portugal  HSS in Spain and Portugal_2018.pdf $11,025
 Engineering Leadership in London & Paris  Engineering in London-Paris_2018.pdf $11,425
 Spanish Language Immersion (Segovia)  Spanish Language_2018.pdf $9,150
 French Language Immersion (Angers)  French Language_2018.pdf $9,150
 German Language Immersion (Berlin)  German Language_2018.pdf $4,575 or $9,150
 Core Program in Florence  Core in Florence_2018.pdf $11,025
 Psychology in Rome  Psychology in Rome_2018.pdf $11,025
 Communication in Sydney, Australia  Communication in Sydney_2018.pdf $13,975
 Counselor Education in Costa Rica (Graduate Program)  Counselor Ed Costa Rica 2018.pdf $2,678

* Billable Program Costs represents the amount that will be billed through student accounts if a student enrolls in the minimum number of credit hours. Please refer to the full cost breakdown (by clicking on the cost) for details regarding inclusions and additional expenses.